I aim to create portraits with a difference, images that are distinctive and form precious memories for all times.

I also specialise in editing other people's photos by request: do you have a precious old photograph that need some enhancing? Or would you like to make it look more like a painting, or perhaps add or remove colour?

Almost any picture can be improved with the right skills and software.

Formats available are print and/or digital.

All enquiries via the contact page: www.iconic.kiwi/contact



Employee photographs can make or break a company; they are often the first point of online contact for those seeking a suitable business. When the next advert is just a click away, keeping potential clients on your page becomes crucial. This portrait was commissioned by a leading fitness company for their new website.







Maybe you prefer something more fanciful, such as Little Red Riding Hood after she's just slain that poor innocent wolf...














Whatever your portrait need, let it be a truly unique experience!














Photographing children from babies to graduation requires special skills to bring out those cherished memories - and in our digital age they'll never fade!











Anika Moa in concert in Christchurch, helping to raise funds to keep a local swimming pool open

Anika Moa in concert in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

Anika Moa in concert in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

Concerts and other live shows present a special challenge because of the blue stage lights often present; here are 3 different portraits of guitarist extraordinaire Aaron Tokona, where I have used various techniques to overcome the environmental difficulties presented by live performances.